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Sussex based yoga instructor

Having trained and practiced worldwide, I’ve been teaching yoga for 10 years: primarily in London and more recently in West Sussex where I now live.

I teach an uplifting style of Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow with deep conscious breath work, meditation and music.

I trained with Yoga London (200hrs) in 2013, and went on to practice with Stewart Gilchrist, Nathalie Mukusheva & Emma Henry (Ldn), David Williams (Hawaii), Sri Dharma Mittra (NYC), Vinnie Marino & Travis Eliot (LA), and many other teachers to whom I am forever grateful.

My regular weekly classes are challenging and vigorous, also encompassing inspiring Buddhist spiritual teachings and deep relaxation to nurture and nourish the mind, body and soul.

Session Dates

Current sessions


TUESDAYS: 7am Ashtanga based vinyasa flow @ LANO in Chichester.

WEDNESDAYS: 90min ASHTANGA class @ Wagtail Yoga, Chichester, 6-7.30pm.  Contact me to book your spot.

PREGNANCY YOGA starting FRIDAY 21 APRIL @ Wagtail Yoga, CHICHESTER: 12-1pm.  See: for more details.

Goodwood Golf Academy – Back to Basics – Mondays 12-1pm

PRIVATE CLASSES – I teach 1 to 1s from my space in Singleton, West Sussex, PO18 0HN.

* I can sometimes come to you.  

I also teach PREGNANCY yoga.

Please contact me for more details: 07787 512283

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Contact me for more information or to book a private session.